Songstream Music Publishing

2016 was the 30th anniversary of the launch of Songstream Music Publishing in the United Kingdom. Originally known just as Songstream Music we have added the word Publishing in the last year to avoid confusion with the phrase ‘songstreaming’, a terminology now used for streaming songs on the internet.

Founded by songwriter/publisher Roger Bourne in 1986 the first pressing was a 12″ EP by Sweet Offender which went on to be a night club rarity though it failed to get air play because of it’s subject matter. Artists on the EP were Bridget Coombs, Vocals, John Bowyer, lead and bass, Rachel Bowyer on keyboards and yours truly on drums.

In 1990 We joined forces with indie label V Ram Discs and released a handful of singles including ‘Summer Lover’ and ‘Summers Day’ By Chantel- This again was Bridget singing again with John and Rachel this time with Roger on keyboard.

In 1992 we released a Gospel song ‘The greatest love of all’ c/w Incredible Journey (not the W. Houston song) By Heartline and we were fortunate to have Wendy Singleton sing for us with her rich powerful voice accompanied by a school choir, and again yours truly on Keyboard, as Bridget was touring Germany. This got considerable play on BBC Sunday morning Radio stations.

An addition to our personnel came in the form of Colin Smith, a brilliant Pianist and producer who later went on to work as a producer for the X Factor, looking after such artists as Caroline Poole, who in my opinion should have won that year.

In 2002 to 2006 working with top pianist and arranger Andy Billham we had songs under consideration for the Eurovision song contest, but none made the cut.
The last few years have been busy building up our stock of well crafted songs that we are proud of with many of them under consideration by major artists.

All the songs here are written by Roger Bourne with co-writer credits on some of the songs going to Brian Hall and Pete Dymond.

In 2005 Songstream Music was proud to have been asked by the Music Publishers Association to be a founding donor of the Richard Toeman scholarship scheme along with other larger publishing luminaries including Ariel Music, Bug music, EMI Music Publishing, Mute songs Ltd, Silver Screen Music, and Sony (ATV Music publishing (UK) Ltd)

Specialising in producing music for films, Television and advertising projects Songstream Music Publishing is becoming the place for agents, promoters, producers and music supervisors to look when they need something special or out of the ordinary for a certain artist. We can licence our songs for you to use or write something specifically for you.
For 2015 into 2016 to celebrate our anniversary we are concentrating on recording in the following sectors and will be adding many songs for you to peruse as and when we are able to have them recorded although some may not be available until early 2016. if you wish to be kept informed when new material is available please contact us.

Please note that we have our chosen artists for our projects and are not looking to take on any further artists or performers and we DO NOT accept unsolicited material.



K D HARPER  Sings Country and Ballads that reflect a feminine point of view

CREEKVALLEY CURE-ALLS  Sing off beat, obscure and ironic country songs

HONKYTONK JOES for Americana, traditional, and mainstream country

TJ ASSEMBLY for songs of Faith and inspiration

COMBESTOCK for Folk, Celtic and early roots music

DANIEL B. TRUELOVE  for country and romantic ballads

STEVIE ‘STONI’ RHODES female country rock and country punk rock

LISA BROKOP  Award winning country artist and recording star.